A downloadable game for Windows

Dr. Gentleman is a classy scientist and inventor. His newest and most excellent invention is a jetpack and he's ready to take it for a test run.

Fly through beautiful storybook environments in a variety of jetpacks and costumes to see how far you can take Dr. Gentleman on his new invention before he crashes!

With simple mouse-only controls you can even play the game while eating a sandwich, giving out high-fives, or arm wrestling. Your extreme hobbies will never get in the way of the excitement of jetpacking. Simply click anywhere on the screen with the big ol' pointer finger to fly and let go to drop back down. It's all you'll need to dodge the inexplicably endless amount of airplanes and cars cruising through the area.

And for Dr. Gentleman on the go, get the Android version (also free)


Dr. Gentleman's Jetpack Run.exe 29 MB

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